KELSE is a contemporary yet timeless brand that encapsulates the art of craftsmanship, where the love for design is fuelled by the appreciation of manual labour, free from gender barriers. Our deep focus on the artistry of our products enables us to provide high quality, thoroughly thought-out pieces. Aware of the damaging effects the fashion industry emits, our goal is to strip it back to the basics, with a less but better approach.

All our products are designed and manufactured here in London, supporting local artisans as much as possible. It gives us visibility to the working conditions, ensuring we only work with those that comply with ethical standards, as well as reducing our carbon footprint. We are working towards building these same relationships with fabric mills, which in turn will increase our visibility, allowing us to trace our supply chain right to the beginning. Our labelling and packaging is all either recycled, recyclable or compostable.


Quality product. Product to invest in, keep, share, repair, and love for a lifetime - and then some.